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Gala Event

Exclusive GALA Event – House of Weekend

Let’s celebrate with the amazing view over the skyline of Berlin

Friday 17th June 2016 : Shuttle Service 19h30 (Maritim-Weekend) Start 20h00 Alexanderstraße 7 – 10178 Berlin

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20h00: Welcome Aperitif

20h15: Welcome speech – CEO Jörn Kluge

20h30: Singer & Songwriter – Ricarda Ulm

She is well known due to the show “Qi” at the Friedrichsstadtpalast of Berlin, as well as for the musical Abba (Stars in concert), she performed as a singer and dancer. Currently she is working as a vocal coach. She is a singer and songwriter she also plays piano and composes her own music.

20h30: Finger food & Drinks

21h00: Sixx Paxx

The Male Revue show reminds possibly of the well-known American Hollywood film “Magic Mike”, but we will, however, bring the proof that MADE IN GERMANY can be just as spectacular and high standard as Made in USA.

21h00: International DJs and finest Club sounds by „Baumeister & Kuip”

The DJ Duo Baumeister & Kuip, from the Spree metropolis, will lead you from Main Time to Afterhours with electronic-acoustic sounds. Their mix of melodic house and singer-songwriter creates an atmospheric world between euphoria and a little glimmer of hope. Just a damn good feeling!

22h30 – Speaker tribute

23h00 – open End: Clubbing ‘House of Weekend’

23h00 & 01h00: Shuttle Service (Weekend – Maritim)

We are looking forward to welcome you to our luxury ambient with the “Crème de la Crème” of Permanent Make-Up scene.